VOISE is a decentralized and blockchain based music platform aim to distribute 100% of the revenue to the artist.

Are you a musician or you know one, then you know making a living from music is extremely difficult. You either distribute your music yourself, which makes it very difficult to have a big audience, or use existing platforms that will take upto 40% of the revenue generated by your music.

In order to have a successful platform we need to make it easy for everyone to use. That’s why we plan not only to design an easy to use platform and more important, we plan to integrate and accept fiat currency payments so everyone who uses a mainstream music service will be able to use VOISE the same way.

We will focus to target everyone who enjoys music, e-Books or any other type of audio content, not only the technology experts. We believe that this is the efficient way to create a successful music platform and get the average person to know a bit more about blockchain.


Ivan Rossetti

Founder, CEO

Isaac Rodríguez

Co founder, Backend Developer

Ying Hao Chen

UI/UX designer

Jayanand Sagar

Head of Development Team, Business Advisor

Jonathan Millet

Business/Marketing Advisor

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