An anonymous and decentralized platform using blockchain technology and a personalized token based on ethereum’s smart contract ecosystem for the transactions of the platform.

Decentralized hosting

The music is hosted under a p2p network making it very difficult to get hacked or taken down.

Cryptocurrency payments

Voise completely supports cryptocurrency payments through VSM tokens.

Get 100% of the money

Artists receive 100% of the money, we don't charge anything.

Open to everyone

Everyone is free to upload their content, you don't need a record label.


Voise would be a music streaming platform, where artists would upload music by setting a price and platform users can stream the content paying in VSM Tokens.

The price of the content is decided by the original artist who uploads the content and gets 100% of the revenue, there’s no fees besides having some ether to pay for the gas. Artists can offer a free sample of their songs so possible buyers can listen at least a part of it before making the decision of purchasing it. A 30 second sample should be enough. Artists could also offer their content for free and ask for donations. We will be happy to introduce new ways of monetizing content for artists as soon as the platform grows.

Available Soon

const   voise  =  require('voise')('sk_test_BQokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2');
// Create your first payment from a test card
const   charge =  await voise.charges.create({
    amount : 2000,
    currency : 2000,
    source: {
    number: '4242424242424242',
  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Masternode
  • Full API reference


2017 Q3

VSM itial Token
New website design and domain
More and better exchange
Newsletter Get notified of all the updates and platform release on your inbox
Platform web client (alpha).

2017 Q4

First platform public code release w/bugfixes
Secondary platform features.(Profile settings, DAO radio etc.)
More and better exchange
1st Round of active advertising and promotion of the platform
Deal with important online wallet to manage VSM transaction
Active and continues development of the different platform client

2018 Q1

Employ people for human antipiracy moderation and platform support.
Partnership with other blockchain projects to gain mutual exposure
FIAT currency acceptance as payment method.
2nd Round of advertising,targeting new markets and users without experience on crypto
Public events and meet-ups, getting people to notice our platform in real life
Features Voise Spotify Apple Music Bandcamp
Decentralization Yes. No. No. No.
Open source 100% open source under GPLv2. Some open source clients. Closed backend. No. No.
Blockchain backend Every transaction is viewable on the chain. No. No. No.
Streaming & Downloading Yes, keep your songs forever. On some devices, subject to subscription. Subject to subscription. Yes, Keep your songs forever
Free of subscription Yes. No. No. Yes.
Multiplatform Yes. Yes. Yes. Web client, unofficial web wrappers
Artist keep 100% Yes. No, much less. No, much less. 85%.


The following are the features the platform currently includes.

Music search engine. Search your favourite songs.

Top songs. Top songs of the month.

New releases. Songs by order of publication (new first).

Recommended. Songs you may like.

Radio of your owned or free songs.

Starred. Your starred songs

My music. Music you purchased.

Profile. Your content.


These are the features we are developing to implement.

Fiat currency Search your favourite songs.

24h chat support.

Meetups and events section.

Peronalization & themes store. DAO Radio

Vote for the next song to be played.

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